Why Even Your Mild-Mannered Young Dog Should Attend Obedience School

Your young dog has never bitten anyone, and they're pretty mild-mannered. As such, you might assume they don't really need obedience school. But making this assumption is often a mistake. There are so many benefits of obedience school, even for dogs who are mild-mannered and easy-going. Take a look.

It is an organized way to teach basic commands.

Every dog should know basic commands like sit, stay, come, drop it, and wait. When your dog knows these commands, you'll be better able to keep them behaving in public. Others will also have an easier time managing them, which comes in handy if you have to travel and leave them in a kennel. While you could teach these commands at home, if you're not an experienced dog trainer, you may not know the most organized, logical way to present these new skills to your dog. Obedience class will teach them in a structured way, increasing the likelihood that your dog will catch on quickly.

It's a good base of training if you want to do more later on.

If you later decide you want to work on agility, disc, or some other sport with your dog, having already had basic obedience training will give the dog a real advantage. Not only will he or she know basic commands, but the two of you will be used to working together in an educational environment, so the new lessons will be easier to learn and less intimidating.

It gives your dog the opportunity to socialize.

All young dogs, even the mild ones, need to get used to socializing with other dogs. You need to know your dog will be kind and comfortable if you come across another dog on the sidewalk or in the dog park. Obedience school is a good environment for dogs to socialize in early in life since there's an instructor there to handle any conflicts between dogs.

It teaches you more about dog psychology and training.

Your dog won't be the only one learning in obedience school! You will also be learning about how to teach dogs and about how dogs think. This knowledge will come in handy throughout your dog's lifetime, whenever you find yourself wanting to curb a certain behavior or encourage a new one. Your dog deserves an educated owner, don't you think?

Obedience school is not just for disorderly or aggressive dogs. Even your mild-mannered dog should attend a few sessions! Contact a provider of dog obedience lessons in your area for more information.