New Puppy? Here Are The 3 Most Effective Dog Training Methods

If you are one of the millions of Americans that purchased or adopted a dog during the Coronavirus pandemic, you may be looking for how to train your new addition. There are many different dog training programs available, but how do you choose one? Dog training can be challenging, and every dog responds to certain programs differently. In an effort to help you choose the best option for you, here are some of the more popular dog training models, and the type of dog they may work best for. 

Pack Leader (Dominance Method)

The pack leader approach has been used time and time again on popular television shows, where it gained "pup"ularity. This method focuses on the idea that you are the pack leader in your home. Instead of your dog ruling the roost and deciding when you do things, the dominance method requires that you show your dog who is in charge. For example, instead of you being dragged around your neighborhood by your strong dog, the pack leader (you) will lead your dog around at the speed you choose. You will correct inappropriate behavior with gentle reminders, and reinforce good behavior with verbal commands and treats. This method works well for strong-willed dogs. 

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a popular method that ignores negative behaviors, usually chaulking them up to being a puppy and learning, and greatly praises positive behaviors. For example, if your dog has an accident inside you will calmly clean it up, whereas if your dog uses the potty outside you will basically throw a parade in their honor, making sure that they know how pleased you are with their choice to go outside. Positive reinforcement works really well in dogs that have a strong relationship with their owner, and who are eager to please. 

 Electric Training

Electronic training may sound harsh at first, but it is focused on the idea that you are trying to keep your dog safe. For example, many people choose to set up a barrier around their yard which will keep their dog safe instead of allowing them to run into the street. Instead of making your animal get shocked, you will show them the perimeter of their space so that they avoid shocks. 

In conclusion, there are many more methods of dog training that you could look into, but these methods seem to be used with success most frequently. If you are really struggling to train your dog, you may want to talk to a professional dog trainer about getting some help. It is amazing what just a few weeks of professional dog training can do for your animal. 

To learn more, reach out to a dog training service in your area.