4 Reasons Why Online Dog Training Can Be Better Than In-Person Classes

Dog training classes can be highly beneficial for people who've never owned a dog before since these courses cover behavioral issues like jumping, lease-tugging, potty-training, crate-training, etc. If you want your dog to come volunteer with you, like at a hospital, then these courses can provide training to help your dog stay calm and ignore distractions. In-person training classes work very well for many dog owners, but some people may prefer online classes. Here are just four advantages of online dog training.

There Are Fewer Distractions

If your dog gets over-stimulated easily by other animals and tugs on the lease, it may be hard for you to even concentrate on the instructions being presented. Conversely, if your dog came from a bad situation and is reactive, it may not be a good idea to be amongst other animals since your pet might bark or lunge. Obviously, socialization is an important aspect of training, but online training might be a better place to start for some dogs since there are fewer distractions and the dog can focus more easily in the comfort of their home.

You'll Involve More Family Members

Some in-person classes may only allow one handler per dog since lots of people can be distracting to the other pets. The great benefit of online courses is that there may not be a limit on participants since you are learning in the comfort of your home. This is incredibly helpful so that you don't have to worry about relaying information to your family members; instead, every family member will be on the same page regarding training.

It's Easier to Observe Techniques

In-person training can be difficult for some owners and their pets because once a training method is covered, there may not be enough time to review it until the next week. An online training program, on the other hand, provides on-demand recordings so that you can rewind the video or use slow-motion to focus on details. Other programs may allow you to record the live classes so that you can review what you've covered throughout the week.

You Have a Larger Network of Experience

If you live in a smaller area, it may be hard to find an in-person course nearby. If you want specialized training, such as agility coursework, you may have to send your dog to a boarding facility. With online courses, you don't need to travel since these programs often pool a wide variety of training programs. You may find training tips and advice that are more specific to your dog's temperament and breed. Online courses are beneficial because if a certain training technique isn't working, you can also reach out to other students through online forums.

These are just a few reasons why online dog training courses can be more advantageous than in-person classes. Start checking out online dog training programs to find one that works for you.