Basic Dog Training And Where To Find An Instructor To Help You

Dogs are a great addition to any family, but it is essential that they are well-behaved and can follow commands when necessary. Basic dog training is not overly challenging, and there are some very good puppy and dog training schools that can help you teach your dog the essential things.

Basic Training

Dog training starts when the dog is young and takes time because your dog needs to learn what each command means and how you want them to react to it. Often starting with something simple like "sit" or "stay" and then combining those will give you good basic control of the dog when people are around. 

As the dog gets better at the first couple of commands, you can add more to the mix one at a time, working with them until they understand them. If you are having a hard time getting the dog to understand what you need them to do, you can find a dog training service or class in your area or work with a private trainer to get the basic commands down. 

There are many training styles that people use, so finding one that works not only for you but also for your dog is vital. Often the commands need to be delivered in a specific way to help the dog understand them and differentiate between them. The goal is to get in sync with your dog, not dominate them, so be patient as you work through the process, and the result will be a better-behaved dog that you can take anywhere.

Leash Training

Often people assume that dogs understand the lease, and they fail to do the proper training with it. This can lead to a dog that walks the owner instead of the other way around. Proper leash training is a critical part of the dog training process, and once the dog learns to heal and walk with you, the time you spend out with your dog will be far less stressful. 

Like basic dog training, you can seek the help of a professional dog training school if you are having difficulties, but be part of the process. The dog needs to learn to respond to you, and while a dog trainer may be able to get your dog walking perfectly on the leash, it is crucial that they do the same for you.

Barking And Growling

There is a time for dogs to bark or growl, but if your dog barks every time someone comes to the door, the noise can lead to frustration. Remember that they are trying to protect you and the property, but let them know if the barking is appropriate or not with a no command or some praise if warranted. 

Barking is instinctual, so it can be hard to correct, but if you have the basic commands mastered, a sit/stay command will put the dog on hold and often can help stop the barking.

For more information, contact a local training program, like Dog Training Anytime.