2 Simple Training Commands That Your Dog Should Know

Training a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it requires consistency and patience. Dog training programs offer a great way to teach your dog basic commands and help build a strong bond between dog and owner.

At a dog training program, your dog can learn basic commands that help in everyday life. Here are some of the most common commands that dog owners learn to teach their dogs.


The sit command is among the most basic and important commands a dog training program can teach their dog. This command can be used in various situations, such as when you want your dog to stay in a particular spot or when you want them to stop jumping on people.

One way your dog can easily learn the sit command is through positive reinforcement. Your dog trainer can reward your dog for following commands. They can give your dog a treat or pet them when they sit correctly.

Another way your dog can learn the sit command is by verbal cues in conjunction with body signals. Your dog trainer can use hand motions to signal your dog when they should sit and then give verbal cues like "sit."

At a dog training program, your dog can learn the sit command in different settings. For instance, they can practice the command while they are in their crate or while they are outside. This way, they can learn how to respond to the command in different environments. So, whether you are inside or outside, your dog will be able to understand the command.


The stay command is crucial for dog owners. This command can help keep your dog safe and in the designated area. It can be helpful when there are guests in your home or when you want your dog to obey a certain rule.

A reputable dog training program can help your dog understand the stay command. Through the program, your dog can learn how to respond to verbal cues such as "stay" or hand signals like a raised hand.

Your dog trainer can also demonstrate how to turn distractions into positive experiences for your dog. For instance, say your dog is distracted by something while they are learning the stay command. Your dog trainer can show you how to redirect their attention and reward them when they obey the stay command.

These are just two basic commands your dog can learn at a dog training program. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, you and your dog can build a strong bond and have a wonderful experience together. For more information on dog training, contact a local training facility such as Have a Great Dog Greenville