Making Fetch Fun Again: Tips To Improve Your Dog's Recall

Recall training is an important part of any successful dog training program. Teaching your pup to come when called is key to keeping them safe and allowing them to explore the world around them without fear of getting lost or running into danger.

Unfortunately, many dogs find recall training tedious and boring—so how do you make it fun? Here are a few tips to get your pup excited about recall training and help them become a master at returning when called.

Establish a Positive Association With the Word "Come"

Recall training is an essential part of owning a dog and should always be taken seriously. Establishing a positive association with the word "come" can help make recall training more effective and fun for your pup.

For starters, choose a word or phrase that you will use exclusively to call your pup back to you. This could be something like "here," "come," or even their name. The goal is to keep it short and sweet so that it sticks in their memory.

Once you choose your cue, start building a positive connection between the word and good things. Every time they come when called, reward them with lots of treats and praise.

As they become more comfortable with being called, switch up the rewards by giving them toys or even a chance to play outside. This will help strengthen the connection between the word and good things in their mind.

Practice in Different Environments

Different environments present different challenges and distractions that you won't find in your own backyard or living room.

You need to challenge your pup in these unfamiliar surroundings to make sure their recall stays strong regardless of where they are. Take advantage of opportunities to call them back in places like the park, beaches, and trails. If other people or animals are around, then make sure they stay on a leash while practicing!

When you bring your pup out of their comfort zone to train, they may be more likely to get distracted, so make sure you stay consistent with your commands. 

Try adding distance and duration into the mix—challenge your pup by asking them to return from further away or stay away from you for longer periods than usual. This will encourage them to pay attention even if distractions may be tempting them in new surroundings. With enough practice in varied conditions, your pup will soon become a master of recall training in no time!

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