Dock Jumping For Dogs: The Thrilling Water Sport For Canine Athletes

Dock jumping, also known as dock diving, is an exhilarating water sport for dogs. This canine activity involves dogs leaping off a dock into a body of water, showcasing their athleticism and natural jumping abilities. Below is more information about dock diving, highlighting the benefits, training considerations, and joy it brings to participating dogs and their human companions. Engaging Physical Exercise Dock jumping provides dogs with a fun and engaging form of physical exercise.

A Day In The Life At A Dog Boarding Facility: What To Expect For Your Canine Companion

If you share your heart and home with a canine companion, you may have already taken your pet with you when you travel — however, some situations simply call for a professional dog boarding kennel. For instance, although most dogs may be welcome companions on a camping trip, taking them along on a business trip typically isn’t the best idea. Fortunately, dog boarding facilities can provide a safe and stimulating environment for your furry friend while you’re away.

Making Fetch Fun Again: Tips To Improve Your Dog's Recall

Recall training is an important part of any successful dog training program. Teaching your pup to come when called is key to keeping them safe and allowing them to explore the world around them without fear of getting lost or running into danger. Unfortunately, many dogs find recall training tedious and boring—so how do you make it fun? Here are a few tips to get your pup excited about recall training and help them become a master at returning when called.